• Remote training, educational and production services for television and film

    Led by Bill Holshevnikoff, one of the industry leaders in lighting and broadcast production education.

    ROUSEJET is the exclusive distributor for RPS in China. For distribution opportunities outside the US please inquire.

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    Remote training, educational and production services for television and film

Remote Production Service

Remote Production Service (RPS) is your complete remote training, educational and production service for studio and location productions… anywhere on earth.
RPS will ensure a dramatic increase in your production values, faster and more efficient setups, consistency in your broadcast programming, and an on-going production education for all of your team members and talent. RPS integrates the latest research performance studies to improve communication and production techniques, and help you to develop world-class broadcast productions and story tellers.
RPS Services are customized for the individual client and geographic area. USA services distributed through The Power of Lighting and Broadcast Design International, Inc. Please contact us for distribution opportunities available in other international areas.
Customers in China, please contact:
RouseJet Video Technology
(Tianjin) Co., Ltd; Jason Qi

About RPS

Remote Production Service is led by Bill Holshevnikoff, recognized as one of the industry leaders in lighting education and Remote Training with his Power of Lighting Workshops. Since 1992, Bill Holshevnikoff has been teaching lighting and cinematography workshops to thousands of film, television and corporate video professionals around the globe. Broadcast Design International, Inc. is a leader in the broadcast set design and construction industry since 1993, with many successful projects in China and worldwide.
The Remote Production Service Team consists of award-winning, experienced television and film production professionals who can provide live, remote services and education specialized to your unique requirements.
RPS offers a variety of interactive workshops providing hands-on teaching of all aspects of advanced production techniques. Courses currently available with RPS include: Basic Camera and News Photography for Journalists, Basic Make-up for Journalists and Reporters, Speech Coaching for Talent and Hosts, Performance Coaching for Talent and Hosts, The Art Of Visual Storytelling for Journalists and Reporters, Television Journalism, New Technologies and Converging Media, and much more!
RPS also offers the services of its team of professionals to remotely work inside of your studio to improve the visual look of any show. RPS professionals can remotely re-light a studio, balance cameras and video displays to bring the look of your news program, talk show, variety, or sports show to a new level – and that equals higher ratings!